Problem solving for most people today is the net result of a lifetime of learning how to see things incorrectly. Our education systems rely heavily on Newtonian Leibnizian, or Lockean enquiry models. This reductionist approach worked well when businesses were relatively small and uncomplicated. However, in today’s business environment complexity requires a different enquiry model. Finidhyn have developed an operational development model based on Singeriean experimentalism. By adopting this approach we have been able to engage with complexity beyond the normal scope of conventional ontologies.

As a result of this approach Finidhyn have been able to achieve results far beyond the reaches of industry standard advice models and continue to develop new opportunity space on behalf of our clients. Finidhyn specialise in “unbounded” problems where situations are too large for understanding to be complete and where there is no clear class of solution present.
Change in the new world of interconnected business is an intellectual as well as a practical exercise. Long gone are the days when throwing more resource at a problem would result in an improvement. In today's world the ability to see what cannot be measured offers the only space available for improvement. Emergent pattern recognition, the identification of weak signals the exploration of strange attractors fitness landscapes are the language of change for the new millennia.



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